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It's Winter on Leviathan-Myth!
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At the nest, dragon owners can buy new eggs to add to their lair at the price of a few thousand marks. Different breeds are available at different times, and some only appear seasonally. Some breeds may not be available at the nest, instead they can be purchased with crowns at the Exchange next to the Treasury.
If raising a new egg isn't your interest, you can search the Lookout for dragons who've run away from old owners. Not all of these dragons are unmissed though, and many owners are searching for lost companions, and sometimes the dragons' notes will tell you of previous owners who are looking for them.
Inside the treasury, you can manage your marks, the currency for buying good from the shops to care for your dragons. You get interest in your savings when you leave money there, and since you can remove it as often as you wish, it's always good to leave a little money to earn some more.
Hunting Grounds
Taking your dragons to hunt increases their stats, as well as providing your lair with food earned by successful hunts. Different ages allow dragons to visit different areas where they can hunt different prey.
the field
Over at the fields, dragons can run around and get some exercise done, training dragons increases their stats, which can be helpful if you where to compete them in battle for trophies at the coliseum nearby.
The shops is the place to go when you need to buy anything, whether you're off to pick up some Leather Gloves to care for a new batch of eggs, or to spend some well earned Quest Points, even if your off to sell some spare loot from a successful hunt at the Hunting Grounds, this is the place to be!