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Terms of Service

By registering for Leviathan Myth, you are agreeing to these Terms.
Should not not agree with any of them, we ask that you not join.
Please review these terms often. Changes will be clearly marked.

  • This game is intended for players over 13 years of age. If you are younger than 13, you may only join with parental permission.

  • You may own 2 accounts, which includes knowing the login information such as username and password. Users found with more than 2 accounts will have ALL accounts frozen.

  • If you have family members within the same household who wish to play, you must inform administration. There may be no transfer of crowns, marks, items or dragons among family accounts. Should it be discovered that there is the transfer of game currencies or items, all offending accounts will be frozen.

  • Membership on Leviathan Myth is for those who actively play the game. It is not acceptable for a player to register for the game only to transfer all marks/crowns to another member. Any marks/crowns obtained from inactive accounts will be immediately removed from the receiving member's account, and both members face disciplinary action up to and including the freezing of the accounts.

  • If an account goes unactivated for 72 hours after registering, it will be deleted without notice.

  • Nothing on Leviathan Myth is real and is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • No trading of Leviathan Myth Items, Accounts etc. for real life currency is allowed. All parties caught participating in such trading will have their accounts frozen without notice.

  • Anything deemed inappropriate (such as sexual content, profanity, harrassment, slander, racism, bashing, etc.) by Leviathan Myth Staff will result in action from a warning to the freezing of accounts depending upon the severity of the offense. Severity and action taken will be at the discretion of Leviathan Myth Staff.

  • The use of any external scripts is strictly prohibited.

  • A user accepts responsibility for all content uploaded to the site and agrees that Leviathan Myth will not be held liable for their actions. Uploading content (art, photos, prose) without permission from the artist is art theft and will be treated as such.

  • Shared accounts are not advised and if you choose to do so, Leviathan Myth, it's staff, and owners will not be held responsible for lost items, currency, accounts, or anything else lost, material or otherwise.

  • Maximum allowed Tag Size is 125x125 pixels. Tags larger than this will be removed by Leviathan Myth Staff without notice.

  • All images, coding and text are owned by Leviathan Myth. You may not reuse, edit or claim it as your own. Players found to do so will have their accounts frozen.

  • By submitting Art to Leviathan Myth, you grant all rights to it to Leviathan Myth and may only use it in your personal portfolio with the mention of the owner (aka Leviathan Myth).

  • By donating money to Leviathan Myth, you agree that it is in fact your money. No refunds will be given under any circumstances. Chargebacks via Paypal will result in loss of your accounts.

  • Never give out any personal Info such as address, email address, login information, phone number, etc. to anyone. Leviathan Myth Staff will never ask you for this information. Please report anyone asking for this kind of information to Leviathan Myth Staff immediately.

  • You agree to allow Leviathan Myth to collect your IP address and time of login. You agree to allow Leviathan Myth to place cookies in your computer. This is so that we can make your game experience a better one.

  • You agree to respect Leviathan Myth Staff, as they are here to enforce the rules and to make sure everyone has the most pleasant gaming experience possible.

  • Leviathan Myth reserves the right to shut down temporarily or permanently and without notice for any reason.